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These Skills Will Help You Stand Out In The Future Job Market

09 Feb

Effective Video Ad Platforms (Surprise!)

Google and Facebook’s grip on the digital advertising ecosystem also extends soundly into the realm of digital video, according to new research from Wyzowl.

The company, which creates animated explainer videos, conducted a worldwide survey of marketers in December 2017, finding that YouTube and Facebook were considered the first- and second-most effective video platforms for marketing—in that order.

20 Jan

Dynamic Video: Facebook, Google AdWords or Both?

You’ve probably heard by now that dynamic video retargeting is one of the most successful forms of advertising. The audio-visual component of video content trumps the effectiveness of traditional banners and text ads.

It focuses on personalizing content for clients that have already expressed an interest in a specific good or service, and it has also gained popularity because of its engaging nature that is irresistible to consumers.

02 Jan

3 Ways to Improve Customer Retention

Every savvy business owner knows that it is more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Despite this well-known fact, many brands’ retention efforts tend to fall flat. It is not enough, for example, to simply hand out a member ID number and tell someone that they are part of a loyalty program. Rather, businesses must treat each customer like they are a valuable asset – because they are.